Friday, July 4, 2008

Let me introduce myself

I finished writing a book on March 25, 2008, in which I reported every item I ate for one year, with multitudes of recipes, musings on food and making food choices, and endless suggestions for adapting recipes to your own taste, even instructions as to how to simply dream up your own plan for a lunch or dinner dish. The project transformed my cooking and bolstered my kitchen confidence by leaps and bounds.

I've had a rest from my year-long obsession, but I haven't stopped writing down ideas that come to me. What I plan to do in this space is resume cataloging my daily vittles, and include at least one recipe per day.

Please be aware that I will not simply borrow recipes from other sources. Every one I share here will be substantially my own and I will make it clear what my personal contributions to a dish are.

If, on a certain day, I don't do anything worth sharing, I'll spare any readers from the pointlessness of blogging just for the sake of the blog. What I would welcome as feedback is an idea to expand, alter, revise, whatever, a recipe I've essentially made up.
If I can do this right, I'll make the first page a table of contents to allow easy access to any dish that a reader finds intriguing.

That's it for now. I'll begin on Monday, July 7. I will hope to provide something for the enjoyment of others.

Stephen Crout

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