Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Homemade corned beef - an encore performance

A person might wonder why go to the trouble of making corned beef when you can just go out and buy it. The first two reasons that come to (my) mind are that it’s cheaper and it tastes better. It takes very little effort, although it does take some patience. The first time I made it I left it to “cook” in the flavored brine for 5 days. Remembering that our nearby market, Rocky Mountain Meats and Poultry, soaked theirs for 3 weeks when they made a big batch of it in anticipation of St. Patrick’s day, I let my latest hunk of brisket go for 7 days.

As I write this, it is now simmering on the stove, and will continue to do so for a total of at least 2 hours – maybe 3.

In an earlier posting I gave a URL for an excellent recipe for corned beef. I’ll repeat it here in case you’re ready to give it a try.


I probably mentioned I am also making pickled herring. I sampled it yesterday and found it to be way too salty. It is currently in a water bath. This afternoon I will drain it and replace the water with some sherry wine vinegar and some white wine.

I won’t take any more of your time just now. (As if anyone is actually reading this shit.) We have everything we need for our meals today. Ergo – no cooking til at least tomorrow. Ciao.

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