Sunday, February 21, 2010

The liver "best" liverwurst sandwich you will never make

Above: Peter assembling the sandwiches and the finished product.

All right, all right, I’m too clever by half. There’s a reason for the title: the sandwiches were made with a chicken liver pate Peter made over the Christmas/New Year holiday and froze. We decided to treat it like liverwurst, something we love.

I’m not even going to write a recipe here. The whole point to this is that I have to share the more remarkable things that get turned out in our kitchen. Go to your deli and order liverwurst if you must, but this was huge fun. And the didact in me just wishes to reiterate: inventory your fridge and freezer and go to town.

In addition to the chicken liver pate we had some Muenster cheese, which seemed mild enough not to challenge the liver flavor, an onion, and some Russian-style dressing we had made for Reubens not too long ago. Peter caramelized the onions, I sliced up a baguette, he did the assembly, and we oo-ed and ah-ed our way through lunch. Almost forgot - he toasted the bread with the cheese and onion on it for a few minutes in the oven before adding the chicken liver.

These two sandwiches comprised half a baguette, from which we always pull out some of the soft innards. It’s our way of cutting down on carbs. Anyhow, just had to share.

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Jenn said...

Chris freaked out when I recently bought liverwurst. He had never had it before (and still wouldn't give it much of a shot!). We had it quite a bit growing up! My grandma would make liverwurst sandwiches and spam sandwiches all the time...two things I still love to this day!!

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