Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pasta with cottage cheese and arugula

I’m not posting a recipe today, but had to share this picture of a dish Peter pulled out of his … um, … imagination (yeah, that’s it) yesterday. We pulled up all the arugula from the garden. It was starting to go to seed. After washing and trimming it of thick stems we have a huge quantity leftover.

I can tell you this much: it’s bow tie pasta tossed with spices, pureed cottage cheese, parmesan. The arugula wilted when we tossed the hot pasta into the sauce. My contribution was to poach some shrimp which, as you can see, we scattered on the top along with lemon juice.

It was SO beautiful! Just thought I’d share.


Jenn said...

Oh guys put together an amazing looking dish! I'm not even a fan of cottage cheese, but when I read that he pureed it... I think I might have to try and come up with my own little concoction like his. Thank Peter for the inspiration!

Andrea said...

It is beautiful! Great colors, I love these kinds of throw together what we have & voila, dinner is served dishes :)

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