Monday, June 7, 2010

Random thoughts

I don’t have anything new to post until tomorrow. I got to thinking about how we read each others’ posts and how we react to them. For me they are an idea machine. Doesn’t seem as though we copy each other very often, rather we elaborate and/or enhance each others recipes.

Which is more than just fine. Here’s an example: Jenn S posted a tilapia recipe with a crusty topping. I made the recipe just the way she did and then, several days later, adapted it to catfish with a crusty coating on all sides. Both made for fine meals.

I am grateful for the quality of the meals many of you share on a regular basis. I am inspired to try to take better pictures when I see the professional quality on many of your blogs.

Keep the ideas coming – so much food, so little time.

Best regards from…

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Jenn said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Stephen! It's that canvas I'm always talking about :)
Oh..and I think taking a photography class is just what I need...then again, if I'd actually take the time to read the instructions on my camera, I might find I have an easier time with it!

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