Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nopales, no sweat

I'm glad to have something new to divert me from the endless chatter on CNN about Whitney Houston. For chrissakes, she's been dead for a week (and is expected to remain so indefinitely). I think they should keep her around and prop her up to sing the national anthem on opening day of baseball season using a tape of Rosanne Barr for the audio.

So, other than roasting a spatchcocked chicken (with some garlic powder, pepper and thyme) after brining it for 3 or more hours, I made a dish to accompany it that was surprisingly good. I was a nopales virgin until last night. I made a simple saute, combining a hunk of cactus with some zucchini and a jalapeno pepper that was lying in wait in the vegetable drawer. A bit of olive oil and butter, a bit of salt and pepper, and this was very satisfying. The only thing annoying about nopales is having to scrape the little pointy things off it. But, no matter. It takes only a couple of minutes.

No one of these three ingredients is impressive on its own. However, combined, they were a melange of delicate and toothsome textures and flavors. (Based on that last sentence I would say that my poetry book will be out soon.) All in all, the lesson here is that stuff combined with other stuff can really be good. So when you're shopping, just buy some stuff.


Chris said...

I tried making cactus once and it was relatively forgettable but that was 17 years ago, before I really got into cooking (other than out of necessity). I should try it again.

Jenn said...

Don't you just love how the media globs onto something and beats it to death (no pun intended there) lol

I've had nopales in dishes, but never cooked with it myself. I will have to find some and make this. Sounds simple and perfect!

Only fish recipes said...

Wow...adding cactus....this is definitely something new.....probably will try it out sometime :-) n hey...thnx for the suggestion regarding the pics......I'm definitely oing to keep in keep visiting my space n let me know ur valuable means a lot to me :)

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I bet they were amazing when all combined!

Pam said...

Spare me with opening day of baseball with those 2! It would ruin baseball for the summer. I saw cactus in the store here for the first time a couple of weeks ago and wondered what to do with it...

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

Hey Stephen... you've left a really extraordinary comment on my blog about 'read the letters' technique which I don't understand at all... can you explain?... i'd hate to lose you as a reader of my blog. If you're talking about the word capcha phrases to prove you're not a robot, you have this on your blog too!

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