Monday, December 17, 2012

Wangs (or, if you're not a redneck: Wings)

Want to see my new bumper sticker? 
Well, here it is.
I can only hope it helps me gain momentum.

Then there was the chicken wing thing.
Food for a king; not from the Ming;
lacking in ping; unable to ring ...
or to sing;
can possibly zing.
Easy to cook. Easy and messy to eat.
Not too expensive if bought up in bulk.

Get a deal on a big package of them.
Roast 'em at 300 degrees for 2 hours
with a coating of salt, pepper, garlic powder,
and some brown sugar.
Turned once.
Tasty and perfect for a rainy day
when you lack motivation.

Don't make my mistake
and forget to spray the foil
before loading the things.
They stuck a bit.
Tasted quite simple and good.
Not food to garner you
dollars from adoring fans,
but guaranteed to keep at bay the
(at least until the wings
are a thing of the past).



Jenn said...

I LOVE this post!! Not only do the wings look and sound amazing, but you make it even more fun with rhymes!!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

YUMMM! My husband loves his wings or wangs! These look fantastic

Michael Toa said...

oh Stephen... I am loving this post very much and the tasty wings too. I eat wings by the bucketful which I am sure is not a healthy dose... but oh well...

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Well, if the catering doesn't work out, perhaps you could write a book of rhymes :) I just happen to have a big package of wings in the freezer and I'm going to try this method!

Rebecca Subbiah said...

love this and all the best for the personal chef business keep us posted

Amelia said...

Hi, interesting posting.... the wings look delicious.

Have a nice day.

Chris said...

Zombies better keep their decaying claws off of my wings!

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