Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The other white meat, pork

Remember those billboards about "the other white meat?" I think that was a brilliant ad campaign. Not as good as a limerick, but pretty good nonetheless.

I wanted to cook up some pork;
So tender it cuts with a spork.
Some poaching in butter;
My heart all a-flutter.
Not bad for a champion dork.

So, I'm developing ideas for a gypsy food truck (that means unlicensed) run out of my van, and serving various sandwiches. One I would like to master would be a pork cutlet cooked so as to be tender enough to be eaten without my dentures (I made that up; I don't have dentures).

Boneless pork loin cutlets, brined for some hours, dried, pounded to 1/4 inch, seasoned a bit (but no salt due to the brine), poached in butter for 2 minutes per side (starting from room temperature). For the sandwich I'd top it with chayote slaw, Asian flavored.

BULLETIN: It worked!!!


Jenn said...

Anything poached in butter has got to be good!! And speaking from experience, brining is like bacon, it makes everything better!! :)

Pam said...

There was a fellow from York,
Who couldn’t resist his pork,
He ate all the bacon---
And was greased and achin’
As he slid all the way to Cork.

Chris said...

I was sad to see that they pushed that "other white meat" slogan off to the sunset. They now call it a "heritage brand".

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