Friday, January 13, 2012

Kimchi (don't even consider making this)

Now why would I say "don't even consider making this"? Simple, most of you have never eaten kimchi. Start by going to an Asian market and buying a jar of it. Take it home. Open it. Eat some of it with chopsticks (it tastes different if you use chopsticks). LOL
I have a long history with this cured cabbage concoction. By the way, it's diet friendly (unless you're on a low salt regimen).
I've just decided not to provide a recipe today. There's no point. A person can make kimchi a million different ways. Just Google it. I think it would be safe to make it during Lent. I bought a jar of it yesterday at an Asian market here in DC. Know what? It's terrible. Even the worst kimchi I ever made was better than this.


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Aw man, too bad about the bunk jar of kimchi! You are SO right about a few things in this post: 1. I will not make this. 2. I have never tried kimchi. (hell I've not tried sauerkraut either, can't get past the stink!) 3. there are a million ways to make kimchi, as diverse as the make! Usually I've heard to take cabbage, salt, garlic (LOTS!) hot peppers and vinegar, combine in a jar and bury the jar for a year. Then dig it up and eat. Tasty???

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

oh my god I love kimchi!... pickled vegetables are excellent and the Koreans really know how to do this exceptionally well... you need to get yourself to a good Korean restaurant and try it properly... you old git!

Shu Han said...

Hahaha " even the worst kimchi I've made is better". nice one!

Shu Han said...

Wait, that said, kimchi is yummy! Listen to Dom and go eat some good ones, or you can make the one on my blog, its almost failproof!

Chris said...

When I was 18 working in a grocery store, a jar of kimchi fell off the shelf and the smell alone made me swear off ever trying it.

These days I love cabbage, acetic flavors so I think I'd love it. Unless I bought the kind you had.

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