Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Want a biscuit?

Dinner invite from fish-a-vegetarian friends.
To satisfy my own ends,
Wanted to bring an amuse bouche.
Had a container of Pillsbury Grands.
Cut them in thirds with my own hands.
Stuffed 'em with peanut butter/chutney - some.
Gouda cheese - others. 
Baked 'em. Neat little mothers.


Kitchen Belleicious said...

i would love a biscuit! or two or three:)

Knatolee said...

Well I would like to sample every one!!

Knatolee said...

PS: And how did you get roped into looking after two dogs and two cats? :)))

Jenn said...

What a fantastic idea! Of course I want one of those biscuits.. maybe a few more too!!

Chris said...

Good idea. I don't have any vegetarian friends though, they are heathens (ha ha, just kidding).

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