Sunday, May 25, 2014

Potatoes from a can (not Cannes)

All over the world noses are tilting into the air. Potatoes from a can? HOW DARE HE?

I would be fascinated to know how many folks have ever actually tried canned potatoes. Here's the deal: they are unique unto themselves. I like them because of both their flavor and their texture, which is mostly like boiled potatoes. When browned up as in the photo they have a nutty (as in professor) flavor. You can add any herbs to them. Here are some ideas ...

Drain and rinse them. You can use the ones that are already sliced, although my preference is the whole ones.

If you start the night before, you can leave them in a bowl in the fridge and let more moisture evaporate. It does not matter a great deal.

Start by sauteing some onions or shallots. Use garlic too. Keep your pan over moderately high heat and add the potatoes. Toss and twirl. After they get pretty hot, toss in a pat of butter - but you want to be careful that it doesn't burn. Keep tossing until the potatoes brown nicely. Paprika is a nice addition to aid browning. Of course you want salt and pepper. At the end some cilantro or parsley.

How long does this take? Good question. It takes 10-15 minutes in my experience.

So there, my former friends, are my fondly fried potatoes from a can. Do with them what you will - or can. Ha, ha, ha, do you know that one of my favorite things in life is to make myself laugh? Just ask my spouse, Peter. He'll tell you.

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