Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whoa, Trigger, Your Cooking is not Popular

No one seemed to express any interest in my first course for last Saturday's dinner. Well, it's your loss.

You endive, I say endive. That doesn't work well without a soundtrack. In any case, endive spears are a perfect delivery vehicle for all kinds of chopped up stuff. My choice was an olive tapenade. Three olives: castelvetrano, cerignola and some black ones out of a can. Add some garlic, some salt and pepper, some red wine vinegar, and you've got a killer appetizer.

Almost no one out there who might read this has ever made gravlax at home. Salmon and salt. Those are the only sine qua non  ingredients. Some cracked black pepper and some fresh dill are highly desirable. Look it up via Google. Don't just sit there, get busy.


Unknown said...

I love endive. It has the wonderfully bitter aniseed taste!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I tried endive for the first time last night. It was not my favorite thing on the plate. bitter flavors and I are not friends.

Unknown said...

I actually really like the bitterness of endive. Delicious with olive tapenade. And yes, I haven't made gravlax at home yet.. I will, I promise!

Anonymous said...

I've made gravlax -- salt, pepper, dill, aquavit & little sugar. Let it cure, then serve w/ a mustard-dill sauce and brown bread. The best! Claire @

Unknown said...

Endives don't get used enough in my book. Add the tapanade and it's like heaven!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I love cooking with endive! It is so refreshing and such a different taste. I like my greens kind of bitter

The Hobbit said...

In our house we say En........deev must be the french in us. We use it fairly often. A light lunch is often endive filled with a Maine crab salad.Gravlax doesn't stand a chance in my home as my hubby has a FEAR of any fish that has not been "cooked" sometimes I let him "rule"

Chris said...

I still think gravlax sounds like a weapon that a troll carries around under the bridge.

I'd like fish a lot more if it didn't taste

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