Saturday, August 14, 2010

The world according to Scooper

This is Scooper, comfortably ensconced in his favorite papa-san chair right next to my computer. He’s 12 now, and happily in good health except for being quite deaf. He never listened to me anyway. I had nothing new to post this morning, so I thought I’d let him be a guest.

The world according to Scooper:
My #1 daddy is generous to let me do a posting on his blog. Heaven knows, he spends plenty of time at it. I love sleeping next to him while he blathers on about his food. I don’t know much about his food as he and #2 daddy, Peter, never give me any of it. I score some dropped bits on the kitchen floor from time to time, and I have to admit it can be some pretty good stuff. I am just as happy to have my 2 squares a day – some Iams kibble and some stuff out of a can. I am not patient when it’s my meal time, and I say so. Back when that other guy, Pupkiss*, was still around, I could sometimes shoulder him out of the way and finish his food too. After a while he got wise to that and ate really, really fast. I don’t know what ever happened to him. Last fall he just wasn’t here anymore, leaving me as an only child, just the way I was before the little interloper came on the scene and began competing with me for the daddys’ affections. I understand there may be a picture of the little bugger down below. By the way, daddy #1 used to whisper in my ear (when I could still hear), “Remember, I’m your #1 daddy.” I don’t even know what that means. I have a good life. I get to sleep on the bed, snuggle in front of the tv with the guys, get petted quite regularly. AND, every day I get to poop! Well, there you have it. Try my recipe if you dare. Best regards, Scooper.

Kibble and squeak

1 handful Iams kibble

2 heaping tbsp Pedigree canned dog food with meat, or chicken

Put these in a bowl and get it on the floor ... right NOW.

*Pupkiss joined our family when Scooper was 1 year old. He was a little guy with strong opinions and a fondness for actually watching television. He developed the scourge of King Charles Spaniels, heart trouble, when he was 9 1/2. We coddled and medicated him for several months until his struggles got so bad we had him euthanized.


Jenn said...

Scooper, though your story is a very entertaining one, I'm a little hesitant to try your recipe. Though I do have a feeling, even though this is dog food, our kitties would very much enjoy it.
(Great post Stephen! I love it!!! Thanks for showing us Pupkiss too!)

Peter said...

Scooper, you neglected to mention how you also go ballistic every evening whenever you see Daddy #1 reaching for your leash, and how patient you are at staying in the "down/stay" position between us at the dining room table every night until we've finished our dinners (the one useful tip we learned from the book about dog training written by the Monks of Skeet.

megan said...

ha, cute post :) Makes me wish I had a puppy!

Pam said...

Scooper definitely knows how to tell a good story! I'm sure you all miss Pupkiss but at least Scooper gets all the food and attention now. Don't think I'll be trying the recipe even though I'm sure it's good. You are a cutie, Scooper!

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