Sunday, April 10, 2011

Works in progress (wings and butt)

I have long been an annoying advocate for buying whole chickens. It's about economy and just being sensible. However, I've also mentioned many times that a value pack of wings or leg quarters is often a reasonable alternative. A few days ago I got a big pack (mayber 15 of them) of large chicken wings. I'd been thinking about roasted wings for a while and this was perfect. As I write this I have them marinating (what, no brine?) in a combination of miso paste (that's where the salty part comes in), chicken broth, cayenne pepper and white wine. An eclectic mix I admit, but hey I do eclectic really well. I'll let them steep in that stuff for a couple of days and then roast them. I removed the end pieces (don't know what to call them, but they have no meat on them) and set them aside for a broth. Stay tuned for further updates.

Jenn of jennsfoodjourney, my "pen" pal of over a year now, had a "talk" the other day about thin pork chops. Well, I found this package of pork butt slices the other day. They look for all the world like huge pork chops (I mean 6" x 8"). Just imagine the roast pictured above sliced across. I did a little Google research and it seems to me I won't be happy trying to do a quick cooking method for these guys. They've been brining since yesterday and I'll be doing something with them for dinner tonight as soon as I figure out what that's going to be. Again, stay tuned. I'm thinking: cut out the bones and combine them with the chicken wing things in a stock pot. Then maybe rollling up the meat and braising it in tomatoes. We'll see. You'll see. See you tomorrow.


Chris said...

Couldn't hurt to braise the chops. That or a combination cook (grill then roast).

Michael Toa said...

Sounds delicious. I look forward to read and see the end results. Chicken wings are my second favourite parts of chickens, after thighs.
I love pulled pork for pork butt. Slowly cooked in aromatics (I'm sure you have your own concoction).
Have a nice day.

Jenn said...

I love buying chicken either whole or in wings now that I'm not afraid to cut them apart!!
Going right now to see what you did with the pork....

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