Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 Epiphanies - day 5 (the "recipe whisperer" is in only for today)

blackened catfish

turkey burgers

With all the "recipe whisperer" business going on this week, I have lost track of what I wanted to post. But two nights ago we had tilapia, pan-seared and excellent. Last night we had the best turkey burgers of my life. The secret? Judicious seasoning (cumin, salt, pepper, jalpapeno, and a few other things). I must take some credit for knowing (intuitively) how long to saute them on the stove.
Then tonight I thawed out some catfish filets and quasi "blackened" them with salt, pepper, paprika, flour for dusting, olive oil and butter. 2.5 minutes per side and we were in bottom feeder heaven.
I have had a lot of fun discussing things to do with foods you have aversions to. I would like to think that I had a positive effect in one or two cases. I received a middle eastern-style prep for red cabbage which I am anxious to try. Alas, there are no menudo makers out their. I'll have to Google it and try to find the simplest plan I can. I think I'll hang out by the refrigerator case that has the tripe in it until a Hispanic woman comes along. I know exactly 20 Spanish words. That should be enough, don't you think?

I have a few more ideas to share with those who responded to my offer to use my imagination and considerable experience to help them get something on their table they are both proud of and anxious to eat. Thanks for all the fun.
The "recipe whisperer" is packing for a vacation down the block at the Motel 6, although given the crime rate here I think it's known as Motel 1.

Thanks for a fun week. I made a few promises to come up with ideas over the weekend. I will make good on them.


Pegasuslegend said...

I catch catfish all the time here, but we never ate one, only the ones we buy not a fan of the Indian river fish. I am intrigued by those burgers. I have ended up having every turkey burger taste like a piece of meatloaf of italian meatball. I never tried the cumin, sounds like a great addition. I love the healthier side of meat to eat! thanks for the suggestion.

Jenn said...

It all sounds wonderful, Stephen. And I think your little recipe whisperer was inspiring to a lot of people.. if for no other reason than getting people to think about trying new things!

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

That's great to know about the turkey burgers - mine have turned out a little too dry - also love the catfish.

Chris said...

If the Motel 6 is as bad as you say, here's my travel tip. The guy in the parking lot offering to sell you some "herb" is NOT trying to sell you fresh basil or thyme ;)

It's been fun to see your ideas this week. Puts a different spin on things.

Allan said...

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