Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 week - day 4

Crispy pork intestines


You must do yourself a favor here. Just read and learn about this. And when you next go to a Chinese restaurant give one of these a try. If it is inedible I will pay for it. There are a number of reasons why we all blog. They include our own curiosity and our hope to infuse that curiosity in others. I do not expect you to try to cook these things. Hell, I don't cook them, but my innate curiosity led me to try them and by doing so learned I love them.

Crispy pork intestine and jellyfish
I spent some time trying to think what the most recent addition to my culinary enjoyment was that was entirely new. I have two things. They both came from Chinese restaurants. One is crispy fried pork intestine. If I served it to you without telling you what it was, you would like it or love it, but you would not hate it. I don't know how to describe the flavor. It is very gentle. The other item is jellyfish. You read that right. I don't know the particulars of how it is prepared. It is the tentacles only. When served to you it will be cold. It will have almost no flavor of its own. What it has is texture – a little crunchy, a little slippery (not slimy). You dress it with hot chili sauce or soy sauce and it is a delight. Yet again it is something that, if I could get you to try it without your knowing what it was, you would be charmed, intrigued, in love – but definitely not offended.


Pegasuslegend said...

Well I love tripe, we grew up on it, this is on the buffet at our local restaruant not sure its as good as mom's but will try it next time.

Jenn said...

I'll try the crispy pork intestines but I don't know about the jellyfish, the texture looks like it might not work well with my mouth :) But you were buying... now that's a different story!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I love your sense of adventure where food is concerned Stephen. My husband would have ordered any of these things, me not so much :) I tend to be gunshy of new stuff - go figure, right?? I'll make you a deal, if you take me out for dinner I'll eat whatever you order me :) You have great taste & wouldn't steer me wrong.

Care's Kitchen said...

I think I would eat ANYTHING with a chili oil or sauce on top!!!! You always have such interesting posts!!! LOL! :)

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

It certainly makes me think! My mum used to cook brains on toast!

Barefeet In The Kitchen said...

Oh. My. Word. You are a brave man. My husband would likely try this, but I would never order it myself. Although, I suppose I might taste his. I'm enjoying your blog. You are WAY more adventurous than I am!

Michael Toa said...

Never had crispy pork intestines, but I'm sure I'll like it. I ate a lot of it when I was a kid.
Now, jellyfish... I Love! Especially in Vietnamese salad with peanuts and sweet, hot and sour dressing. Yum!

Shu Han said...

haha it's funny, i never thought they were weird because i've always had them growing up. i mean, they weren't as common as say, eggs or sth, but one of my favourite dishes growing up was this dish called kway chap. broad rice noodles with soy sauce braised pork intestines, plus all the other parts no one touches. delish.

Chris said...

How about a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich? :)

David said...

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