Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Recipe Whisperer

Two things are going to happen this week. First, I will be posting the most influential ideas that have come my way this year (calendar year 2011). I will start with this. Chris (, shared with us the reverse sear technique. Visit his site for the details. It is the single most influential idea for me for 2011.
Second, I want a challenge. Jenn and I have entered into one. She has agreed to try a recipe for lima beans (not her favorite thing in the world), and I will undertake to try one of her versions of tiliapia. The results will be published here and on her blog. I did the tilapia in my usual flour, egg, breadcrumbs fashion and shallow fried in very hot oil. It was excellent - good enough to repeat.

I want you to tell me something that you do not like and why (nothing having to do with allergies please) and agree to let me design a recipe that just might change your mind. On my side I will offer similar dislikes and solicit your help in overcoming them. We all stand to gain from this.
We need time to get ready. I propose the first "throwdown" should be next Monday, August 1.

Send me your ideas and I will put out a list of personal prejudices for you to contemplate and cure. Are you in? Let's communicate via email. My address is
Here's what I need help with: whole wheat pasta, homemade menudo. The least expensive cut of steak you can teach me to marinate and prepare on my stove top grill. I love broccoli, but I can't stand it when it comes to the table lukewarm. Help me fix that. There will be more.


Jenn said...

Oh it's on!!! Making the lima beans tonight... will I like them, will I hate them?? We will soon find out :)

Mary said...

What a great idea, Stephen. I'm frantically busy right now trying to get my site in shape for our long trip. That means I have to have 60 recipes to go and that I won't be able to participate. Can I play in November? Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

Michael Toa said...

Sounds great! but I am nervous. I'm sending you an email now. :)

Pam said...

Sounds like fun... I'll have to do some thinking.

Pam said...

Sounds like fun but I don't have a clue with any of those you mentioned.

Chris said...

Menuedo? Is that band still around? ha ha ha

I can't wait to see how these pan out.

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