Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heat 'week' will probably be heat 'day' - today!

Shrimp - did you guess it right away?

Poblano - maybe not so obvious as the shrimp.

Jalapenos - let me guess, you've never seen these before?

This is not exactly the way my recipe looked. But then those yearbook photos of you weren't exactly right on the mark either.

Here another of my "not" recipes. We're making chiles rellenos like your mama never made 'em.

Let me just describe the end result: poached shrimp stuffed into blanched jalapenos (seeds carefully removed); the jalapenos are then stuffed into blanched poblano peppers (again with seeds carefully removed - we want to maintain the structural integrity of the peppers). Some grated cheese goes in there too and then the whole thing is baked at 350 until hot and bubbly covered with a large can of tomatoes (which I nearly didn't remember to include). Garnish with lime wedges and cilantro, chopped onion and Mexican oregano. Use as much salt and pepper as you like, use chili powder, use any stuff you can think of that you would like.


Jenn said...

Shrimp stuffed in a pepper stuffed in a pepper with cheese and tomatoes?? I'm in :)

Food Glorious Food! said...

This is so interesting! What a combination! But I love it!

Care's Kitchen said...

We would LOVE these in this house! What's not to like?!?!?

sophia said...

Oooh...truly, I love anything deep-fried, so I would totally dig this, but I love the combination of the shrimp too for a burst of savory sweetness. Yum!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Shrimp stuffed pablanos? Shut the front door Stephen, that sounds amazing!! I dig how you've stuffed a pepper with in a pepper, very creative.

Chris said...

Too cool, the turducken of peppers! Masterful approach.

Create. Snap. Eat. said...

Ohhhh!!!! This sounds fantastic! I love reading your blog.

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