Friday, June 22, 2012

A Thursday supper

Out of the blue yesterday I conjured up a hankering for sweet and sour shrimp. Nothing particularly unusual about it: pineapple, apple cider vinegar, pickled ginger, scallion, sugar (I subbed in Splenda), some cornstarch, some red pepper flakes and a pinch of cayenne. It tasted swell over brown rice (which I do not prefer to white rice, but I made it anyhow) and accompanied by some blanched green beans served room temp with a Caesar-like dressing.


Jenn said...

YUM! It all sounds good.. I KNEW I should have gone to your house for dinner Thursday night :)

Pam said...

It looks pretty tasty! I agree with you about the brown rice, tastes like cardboard must be like. I'm going to try the green beans, blanched and room temp.

Chris said...

Brown rice, meh, I agree. The shrimp sounds great though.

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