Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A too heavy subject

Sunday, November 4, 2012

How do I diet? Let me count the weight.
Must reduce calories by hundred times eight.
To know what to stick to, there must be a plan.
Will I glom onto it? Don’t know if I can.

In for a penny, or in for a pound;
Not an aphorism that seems awfully sound.
Were I single I’d not have a date.
Must succeed or I’ll soon be called “late.”  

How I wish this was not necessary, but since quitting smoking a bit more than 18 months ago I have steadily and slowly gained nearly 20 pounds. I’ve been eating like a wanton (better that it should have been a wonton) and of late inhaling large servings of ice cream after dinner. This afternoon I filled my shopping bag with some things I will transform into snackables tomorrow. I regret that the ice cream must go by the wayside for some time to come.

My goal is to pare away the 20 lbs over the remainder of November and then during December. I hereby make a New Year’s resolution: I will eat ice cream on Jan. 1, but not a day before.

Below I am sharing with you a few of my ideas for stuff in that snackables category I referred to.

Begin the Terrine – layers of zucchini, chayote squash and cubanelle peppers with some low fat sour cream, part-skim mozzarella, salt and pepper (paprika for color). I’ll poach the chayote and the cubanelles a bit to reduce them to a texture more or less compatible with the zucchini. Then weigh the whole thing down (in a glass loaf pan by the way) and bake it for 30-40 minutes. As I contemplate this idea I am full of the milk of human self-doubt. Will this work? (It worked.)

Splenda-id Cucumber Salad - my mother liked to slice up some cukes and douse them with vinegar and sugar. In my case I had a boatload of pickling liquid from my dills, which welcomed some Splenda as a counterbalance.

Orange Junius (my title; the Julius version is no doubt under copyright) – This will be carrot/dried apricot salad dressed sensibly, i. e. no mayonnaise. I’m thinking some rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, pepper and Chinese Shiaoxing cooking wine. My little food processor does a fine job of shredding veggies. While the photo shows raisins, I found that dried apricots have 1/2 the calories. And I love them. Do I need better reasons?

Egg flower soup - broth, egg and peas. Other than a bit of seasoning that's all this requires. When the egg is drizzled into simmering broth which has been stirred into a mini-vortex, it "flowers" beautifully.

I'm pleased with how these innocuous thingies turned out. I promise not to talk about my weight everyday for the remainder of November and during the month of December. I'll save my crowing for January 1, when I will be eating ice cream and lobster.


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

You've got some delicious things here Stephen. The veggie terrine looks particularly good. I like your New Years goal, I may have to borrow something like that! Good luck to you sir!

Jenn said...

Wow.. it all sounds really good! My mom used to make the same sort of cucumber salad - except I remember there being tomatoes in there too.. (but I could be wrong). Good luck to you in your goal... I know that when you set your mind to something, you'll do it :)

Shu Han said...

Good luck with it stephen! I'm sure you can do it. Food that is prepared at home is bound to be healthier for you than food outside, so don't worry too much about calories, instead, focus on choosing foods that wil nourish you! x

Pam said...

Drink a lot of water! Good luck!

Rebecca Subbiah said...

all the best for losing weight your a fab cook and can do it

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

Ok I'm getting on the band wagon with you here - it's sickening how it creeps up on you - I'm glad you're making this as fun as possible!
Mary x

Chris said...

Alexis and I both have found that we have the same problem. We're getting back into our normal exercise routine...at least trying too.

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