Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm back - with a soup

At last life has returned to some semblance of normalcy. I've been feeling desperate to get back to posting recipes. So, even though I can't find the cable for my camera that allows me to get pix into my computer, I'm going to talk about tamarind soup even without a photo.

We've had a partly used packet of tamarind soup base in the pantry for years (how many I don't know, but a lot). So I decided to use it. My guesstimate was that it was about half the original amount. That proved to be true because adding it to 5 cups of water gave me a lovely broth. Tamarind is a little sour (I guess that's the word I would use). I found a Filipino recipe which gave me the kernel of an idea.

Soup can be made with virtually anything. I sauteed half an onion. Added several ounces of leftover pork loin, the water, the soup base, ¼ pound of shrimp, a couple of ounces of cooked chicken, half a bunch of kale leaves, a medium zucchini, 2 potatoes, some red pepper flakes, and maybe more stuff I don't remember.

Bottom line: I love making soups and often do so with stuff that's hanging out in the fridge or the pantry.

So, there you have it. I'm back and will be nearly a daily presence again here at theobsessivechef. I've been reading all your blogs, although not commenting much. Scooper, Peter and I are ensconced in a house in NW Washington, DC and nearly unpacked. I now have the best gas range (with electric ovens) I've ever had. I'm pumped!!!


Unknown said...

Gas range??? I'm so jealous!! :)
YAY!! So glad you are back...or at least almost all the way back :) I love the way this soup sounds. I pass by tamarind a lot, maybe it's time I actually pick some up!!

Mary Bergfeld said...

I'm so glad you've settled in and are back again. Please take pictures of your new kitchen. I'm terribly nosey :-). Your soup sounds wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Blessings...Mary

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Welcome back!! Glad to hear you're getting settled in DC. I'm insanely jealous of your gas range/electric oven combo. The soup sounds good, different than anything I've ever tried.

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