Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicken breast milanesa a la Stevie

I had the most wonderful experience making milanesa today that I just have to share right now. Here's what happened.

It was chicken breast, pounded to 3/8" and brined for 2 hours.

I learned that we had no eggs for the standard flour, egg, breadcrumbs thing.

Rather than go to he store again, I skipped the flour part and mixed some mayo with a bit of milk, dipped the chicken in it and then pressed into crumbs. I succeded in getting my oil really hot (it takes some patience) and shallow fried the chicken for exactly 2 minutes per side. I've never made it better than this. Standby for my marinating (instead of brining) the remaining pieces of the whole chicken I bought in a mix of mayo, miso and some milk. Then right into bread crumbs and then the oven. I'm not going to fry again this week.


Food Glorious Food! said...

I love innovation! Bravo! I should be more creative in my cooking / baking :)

Jenn said...

You're like a marine....adapt and overcome!! :) Love using mayo in this way. Will definitely try it this way next time I make Milanese!

Pam said...

Great adaption! It looks perfectly golden brown and crispy.

Chris said...

Seriously great tip, Stephen! I can't wait to try it, even if I have plenty of eggs at the time.

Mary said...

That looks gorgeous, Stephen. Kudos....Mary

Bo said...

Mayo makes has plenty of eggs in it.

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

What a brilliant idea - I would never have thought of mayo! the chicken looks delicious - brilliant!

Aarthi said...

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Peggy said...

Definitely like the improvisation with this one! Sounds delicious =)

Leopold said...

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