Friday, May 13, 2011


Who doesn't like fish sticks? Nobody I know. I made these from tilapia filets that I cut into 4 pieces each. Then it was merely a matter of the flour dredge, the egg dip, the breadcrumb coating, with some spice along the way. Shallow fried (in screaming hot oil) for no more the 2 minutes per side and then drained on a bit of paper towel it was nice. Here's the problem: tilapia must be the most boring fish in the universe. The texture is not distinctive, the flavor is bland; the price is cheap though. You decide.


Sook said...

Your fish sticks look perfect!

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

Well they certainly don't look boring! they look delicious - I think you need a fish like tilapia for fish sticks - with a squeeze of lemon - delish

Jenn said... sticks... even my picky eater would love these :) And you used my beloved tilapia.. YAY!!

Mary said...

That food on that plate looks wonderful. When a fish is bland it helps to dip it in a well-flavored sauce before breading or coating with crumbs. Just a thought. Blessings...Mary

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