Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Veal for real

Got a nice package of thin veal cutlets at Costco the other day. Technically speaking this is Wiener Schnitzel, but I think of it as veal milanesa. I've said before (and will say again) I am the king of milanesa. I've honed my technique for several years and would put my dishes up against anyone's. Sorry for the bragging. Sometimes, though, a person just must speak the truth. LOL

This is the standard method - flour dredge, egg dip, breadcrumb loadup. My seasonings of choice are paprika, salt and pepper. Then you must get 1/8 inch of oil in a large saute pan screaming hot. This last thing is more important than anything else you can do. 45 seconds per side; believe it, friends.


Jenn said...

Here, let me pat you on the back, you wouldn't want to hurt your arm :) lol Seriously, though, it's completely ok to toot your own horn. If you got skill you gotta let it be known :)
Whatever you call it.. I know it would be good and I trust your method of cooking it 100%.

Chris said...

Veal cutlets...pure adoration. A perfectly cooked cutlet is a work of art, the crispy outside, tender inside, and excellent beef flavor....yum.

Peter said...

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