Sunday, September 18, 2011

The world's strangest beef stew

How unattractive could my pictures be? See above. Above you see some generic beef stew on and some generic kim chi. Hold that thought. I found myself on the horns of dilemma. I had 2 1/2 pounds of beef chuck that was really only good for a stew. Also, I had started a batch of kim chi last week that I was very disappointed with. I threw it together very hastily and the result was way to salty and way to spicy (due to cayenne and red pepper flakes I threw in with abandon). Today being a gym day for us, I decided I would get this beef into the oven at about 2 pm and let it roast slowly for maybe 3 hours. Not having anything else to go with it, I piled the adolescent kim chi on it and added 2 cups of chicken stock. 300 degree oven for as long as it took (3 hours) yielded an unusual flavored stroganoff. We didn't eat it on Sunday (the day I made it) as we were off to dinner with friends at their home. But on Monday came the great test of Stevie's bizarre creativity. Would it be edible? Would we have to get a divorce?

This may well be the oddest thing I have ever put on our dinner table. It had its positive qualities buy was excessively salty (that was the kim chi). There's more and I will dilute it with something. Actually the beef chunks themselves are tender and tasty. It the rest of it that tastes like the Bermuda Triangle.


Unknown said...

Your posts always are amusing!!! I love (and I know I have said this before) your creativity and fearlessness (spelling?) in the kitchen! At least the beef is good!!!!

Pam said...

What a combination of flavors... it's too bad it was so salty.

Thanks for letting me know I didn't put the link to the vinaigrette on my has been fixed. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

What's kim chi? I think it's great you didn't buckle and throw it out - so much better to combine!

Unknown said...

Kim chi in beef stew does sound strange. Tastes like Bermuda Triangle? That must be interesting! :)

Shu Han said...

Hahaha. Actually there's this small little korean eatery near my house that serves really good kimchi beef stew so I wouldn't say it's weird. Too bad about the salt ): But it's always fun doing something a little different in the kitchen! And it makes for an amusing blog post for your readers ;)

Lara B Knight said...

You make me laugh!!!
You honestly gave it a go!

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I'm dying laughing at this. I love how you always attack everything with reckless abandon. Good for you!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Bo said...

Tastes like the Bermuda Triangle? lol

Chris said...

I'll trade you my tofu lasagna, ha ha.

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